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GPSPrevent intros GPS-enabled G200 speed zone warning detector

Darren Murph

Sure, the higher-ups in Switzerland aren't exactly fond of GPS devices that sniff out speed cameras, but that's not stopping France's own GPSPrevent from kicking out a rendition of its own to fight The Man whilst driving. Presumably similar in function to Cobra's own forthcoming (and controversial) red-light camera / radar detector, the G200 integrates a GPS receiving into a typical detector in order to warn drivers about "fixed radars, danger zones, and mobile radars" throughout France and Europe. In an effort to get extra fancy, it even informs the driver of the distance until a zone is reached, what the authorized speed limit is, what type of radar it is, and how frequent the given camera looks for victims. The device signifies that you're coming up on a speed trap by beep or robotic yelps (read: male or female vocal cues) from up to 600-meters away, and the volume can be adjusted depending on how frightened you'd like to be when this fellow blasts out your faults. Additionally, drivers can program in their own alarm points thanks to the built-in memory, adjust the brightness of the digital display, and save themselves from quite a few tickets starting right now for €129 ($170).

[Via NaviGadget]

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