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McDoCoMo: McDonald's and NTT DoCoMo team up for payments


This is great use of cell technology -- we need this at Starbacks, like, yesterday... essentially, DoCoMo's FeliCa-based "Osaifu-Keitai" e-wallet service allows users to purchase goodies by just swiping their cell phone over a special reading device; no need to remember PINs and passwords or having to dig cash out of your pocket. A new deal struck between the two corporate giants gets Mickey D's into marketing Osaifu-Keitai based services, including the use of DoCoMo's "iD" platform for paying for those delicious McRibs and Chicken Selects. The companies will also be launching some sort of membership club this fall that'll presumably give special benefits for folks whipping out their phones instead of their cash or plastic. As long as we can keep splatter ketchup off our gorgeous SO903iTVs, we're cool.

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