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Metareview: Chili Con Carnage


Steve's been crazy for this game. Maybe it's because it promises "the highest kill rate of any PSP game ever!" [Source: Gamespot] This PSP-exclusive version of Total Overdose certainly has been receiving decent reviews, making it far better than the "refried port" I thought it would become:

  • Gamespot (74/100) says the new game absolutely trumps the original: "By trimming the fat and ramping up the ludicrous factor, Chili Con Carnage does what Total Overdose couldn't, and creates a wildly over-the-top action game that's not only bizarre and funny, but also fun to play all the way through."
  • IGN (77/100) says the game is fun but mindless: "All this is great, it does get a little repetitive after a while. You'll find that you're performing the same "jump, lock-on and nail a headshot" move over and over and over again."
  • (85/100) notes that you'll have fun, as long as you play by the rules: "If you play it the way that it's clearly meant to be played, as opposed to just blasting through the levels as fast as possible, then you'll be rewarded with one of the best action games on the PSP."
Not great, but certainly not bad. Maybe we'll find out what Steve thinks about the game once he picks it up.

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