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PSP sales beat PS3 and Wii combined


Most likely thanks to the stupendous launch of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, the PSP has seen a significant boost in hardware sales this week, beating out both the PS3 and Wii combined. According to, the PSP sold 96,750 systems in the previous week, an increase of 187%. The Wii sold through 76,250 systems and the PS3 sold through 20,250. Using the magical powers of "addition," we can see that the PSP has beaten both of these systems combined.

Software sales were healthy as well: the PSP had the greatest amount of software sales for the week at 791,250 titles sold. This actually beats the combined software sales of the DS and Wii (561,250 and 218,250 respectively).

While this is good news for Sony fans, one also has to note that the DS hardware has still trumped the PSP, even in light of such a major release. 146,250 of Nintendo's dual screened handheld were sold the same week.

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