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TomTom DUO to hit CeBIT, tout handsfree calling

Darren Murph

Fresh deets on TomTom's forthcoming GPS are starting to flow in, and hopefully we'll know about all there is to know by the time this unit shows off on the CeBIT floor. While we'd been led on by the FCC leaks seen just hours ago, it looks like TomTom's marketing department took the easy route with regard to titling, as they've purportedly settled for TomTom DUO. Quite literally one-upping the ONE, this squared-off handheld GPS will reportedly play nice with TomTom's PLUS services, support handsfree calling over Bluetooth, and of course, offer up an elusive (albeit enticing) interaction with a docking station. The dock is suggested to include an FM transmitter for piping navigation audio throughout your vehicle's sound system, as well as allowing external DAPs to be heard through more than just a built-in tweeter, but we're still waiting to see if TomTom plans on this being a standalone unit or if it fits better integrated into one's dash. Per usual, keep it here for (more) emerging information.

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