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Wiicade opens up remote buttons for Flash games

Kyle Orland

The Wii's support for downloadable Flash games through the Opera browser has made it easier than ever for indie programmers to get their games off the computer and onto the living room TV. But Wii-focused Flash development has been hampered by the browser's inability to recognize basic button presses on the Wii remote past a simple "click" of the A button. While pointer-based games have flourished under this setup, developers who wanted to go any further with their Wii input designs were out of luck ... until now.

Flash game aggregator Wiicade has posted a downloadable API that lets Flash developers finally utilize all the buttons of the Wii remote in their games. The site has a full tutorial and documentation to help any Flash developer unlock more of the the system's control potential in their games. Now, if someone could just get Flash support for the remote's tilt-sensitivity, we could see some really interesting gameplay experiments. Wii hacking community... get on it!

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