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Cingular 8525's innards reveal camera option


File this under serious DIY friends, a user over at HowardForums was kind enough to take his buddies' Cingular 8525 apart and peeped that in the corner of the device is a tray and a adapter to attach a camera to (check the picture above). Amidst a small frenzy of controversy, complaints, and general sadness, Cingular opted to not include the video calling functionality of the reference design HTC TyTn. This of course leads us to hope that a mod is possible to get the forward-facing camera working. Mind you, this would require hunting down a camera for the device, drilling a hole or replacing the faceplate, and, of course, voiding the warranty you hold so dear to mobile-loving little hearts. Still -- we are sure somebody will try it, and if you do, please drop us a line and let us know how it works out.

[Via HowardForums]

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