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eBay alert: Wii-style Scion xB


We watched Comedy Central for, like, a whole weekend to try to win a Wii back in November, but to no avail. We weren't specifically trying to win this car, which was the actual grand prize, but we would have happily taken it.

... and put it on eBay, which is what the actual winner of the Thanxgiveaway Wiikend has done. Now, we love the Wii, and we love to let everyone around us know it, but having a car with the logo of a popular electronic device painted on the side in giant letters is like extending an invitation to any rogue or highwayman to come on in and help themselves to our Devo CD's.

At least, that was the reasoning we came up with when we were daydreaming about how awesome it would be to win that contest. We might have felt different if we had been presented with our own Wiimobile. Want to (kind of) know what it feels like to win a major award? Bidding is up to $14,100!

[Via Game|Life]

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