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Forum Post of the Day: Who's your main healer?


Poster Runeolth asks forumgoers whom they'd pick as their main healer: a druid, paladin, priest, or shaman? There seems to be little agreement on the subject, with players answering every option, a few saying that all are viable, and a few answering with options that weren't offered. So what does each healing class bring to the table?

Pros: Excellent variety of HoTs (especially talented), MotW a very nice all-purpose buff, leather armor (and ability to shapeshift into bear if needed) makes them fairly durable
Cons: Can only rez once a half hour, no damage shields, group heal on a cooldown
Pros: Most versatile array of healing abilities (a HoT, direct heals, a damage shield, and group heals), PW:F an excellent stamina buff (great for group survivability)
Cons: Squishy, and with no good way to dump aggro if needed
Pros: Very mana efficient, excellent variety of buffs (blessings and judgements), very durable (plate!), low threat heals
Cons: No HoTs, no group heals, short duration buffs
Pros: Versatile buffs with totems, quite durable (mail), can self-rez to save a corpse run after a wipe, good variety of healing abilities (direct heals, group heals, and some healing over time via totem)
Cons: Need to be in range to get totem buffs, can't always give players the buffs they would want because of element restrictions, only damage shield is a 41-point talent

What's your opinion -- is there anything important left out of this little chart? And do you have a healing class of choice?

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