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Mashup: NES meets DVD and wins

Kevin Kelly

Joystiq reader Zach has just spent countless hours, amounts of sweat, and possibly even ounces of blood by mashing up a Nintendo Entertainment System with a portable DVD player. The end result is a pretty swanky DVD player that even has a controller hooked up to it via USB to serve as the remote. It also plays nice with his PlayStation Portable, making this a completely bizarro world where Sony and Nintendo work things out and just get along.

Check out his Flickr album of the whole project here, and then swing by and check out the video of the whole thing if you're so inclined. It's an impressive amount of work and looks pretty darn cool. He even has the original Nintendo bag as a little carrying case for it! In fact, if these were for sale, we'd buy a couple of 'em. This may have just inspired us to dig the old NES out of the garage and give it a whirl. One day the sweet day will come when someone mods a PS3 into one of these things

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