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PC columnist Dvorak: Wii will "dominate the future of gaming"

Blake Snow

Wii media praise #2,457: The Andy Rooney of PC columns, John C. Dvorak, recently got his hands on Wii. Sure he's about three months late to the party, but that didn't stop the self-proclaimed non-gamer from predicting good things for the little white box, if on the back of Wii Sports: Bowling alone.

"My experience with this toy tells me that a fundamental change has taken place in game play-and it's all down to the controller," says Dvorak. He continues, "It changes all the rules and will dominate the future of gaming. You watch." Dvorak sure likes his forecasts. Still, having this little snippet of praise read by the millions of PC Magazine subscribers can only help. Nintendo, meet your Walt Mossberg. Or at least a Mini Me.

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