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Sony and Immersion reach settlement, feel good vibrations


The patent litigation saga between Sony and Immersion Corporation has at last come to a close. After being sued for $91 million dollars following the DualShock's alleged incorporation of Immersion rumble technology, Sony has paid up and entered into a new business arrangement with its former courtroom nemesis. The GameDaily BIZ report notes that both parties are currently evaluating the possibilities such an agreement would entail for the PlayStation line of products.

As Sony's director of corporate communications puts it, "We are very pleased to have reached a cooperative agreement with Immersion regarding the use of its advanced vibration technology (haptics technology). We look forward to working closely with them as we explore new and innovative ways to utilize this technology in PlayStation products." A future, rumbling version of the Sixaxis remains a distinct possibility and certainly one that could easily be supported by developers in upcoming games -- even if it is a bit last-gen.

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