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All-aluminum Front Runner hydrofoil watercraft plays in the kiddie pool

Darren Murph

Sure, it's no USS Ronald Reagan, but Joey Ruiter's conceptual Front Runner is one sweet ride if you're looking to exercise 215-horsepower on a slick body of water. Shown at the recently concluded Grand Rapids Boat Show in Michigan, the designer unveiled his latest concept watercraft, a hydrofoil with "twin forward-mounted jet-drive motors." The futuristic design is fairly easy on the eyes, and would certainly garner quite a bit of positive attention skimming across the shallow end at your local YMCA. Aside from being crafted entirely of aluminum without a hint of glue holding anything together, the unique construction allows the boat to cruise in "extremely shallow water," which could definitely brighten up an extremely rainy day if you're in a low-lying area. Still, we've no idea if Joey has plans to commercialize this gem, but if he adds a hovering feature in the near future, count us onboard.

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