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Alltel offers AskMeNow mobile answer service

Brian White

If you're an Alltel Wireless customer using the nation's largest network and any of its handsets, you may be interested to know that the CDMA carrier has made AskMeNow's "intelligent mobile search" service available to customers -- for a fee, of course. AskMeNow's service lets information junkies ask just about anything so that an accurate answer can be retrieved. You know, so you can win that next television trivia game at 1:00am in that Henry Hudson's location down the way. The service is available via SMS to all Alltel subscribers with text messaging capability at a rate of $0.25 per question or $1.99 per month for unlimited questions. Also, an actual application can be downloaded if you're the proud owner of an Alltel BlackBerry, Palm and Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone -- but it'll set you back $3.99 per month that way.

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