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Makita intros giant rugged on-site AM/FM stereo

Jeannie Choe

Japanese power-tool slinger Makita's new BMR100 Job Site Radio boasts a burly exterior to protect against "rough handling," is water-proof for up to 5 minutes in the rain, and features AM / FM radio technology, a backlit digital display, and two integrated 5W speakers -- not exactly the kind of tech treasure you'd expect to be outfitted for on-site performance. Think of this as the Toughbook of behemoth radios. But hey, even construction workers enjoy a few jams throughout the day, and conveniently enough, the stereo can be powered by either an AC adapter or cordless Makita batteries. Unfortunately, Makita opted to dismiss any kind of aux-in options -- a sure disappointment to the DAP-toting blue collar crowd. On the plus side, there'll be no worries about losing the 9.2-pound BMR100 in a pile of sawdust.

[Via Akihabara News]

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