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"Missing Sync" for Mac OS X / BlackBerry about to hit shelves

Brian White

Mac OS X aficionado? Check. RIM BlackBerry user? Check. Syncing a Mac and a BlackBerry? Not so fast -- until now. While RIM has had official syncing software available for years on the Windows platform, the faithful Mac crowd has once again been left behind. But, with Mac shipments upping the pace recently, perhaps hardware vendors will need to soon think again, eh? New "Missing Sync" software from Mark/Space is now available in a "public preview" format that allows Mac OS X users to synchronize data on their beloved Macs with their beloved BlackBerry smartphones -- with no unofficial hack needed. The solution uses a standard USB tethering cable and appears to be functional with many newer BlackBerry handsets, and owners of the BlackBerry Pearl and newer BlackBerry 8800 series handsets can even sync iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists. Although The Missing Sync isn't officially sanctioned RIM software, Mark/Space says that full release is expected by the end of March. You'll need Mac OS X version 10.4.8 and a BlackBerry handset running version 4.0 of RIM's BlackBerry OS.

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