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Ready 2 Rumble 2 Return on multiple platforms


Though esteemed game designers fight to deny it, a great deal of modern games are built upon the solid foundation of human beings punching each other in the face. Swords, guns, and uncharacteristically aggressive dolphins are occasionally added to the mix, but handheld weapons simply pale in comparison to the might and satisfaction imparted by unassisted knuckles hurtling into an opponent's surprised jaw. Upholding this fine tradition is 10Tacle Studios, which today announced a third game in the Ready 2 Rumble boxing franchise.

Further details are practically non-existent, save for the fact that it will be appearing on "various videogame platforms." The Ready 2 Rumble series, which first stepped into the ring during 1999's Dreamcast daze, was adored for its amusing characters, over-the-top boxing action and, as mentioned earlier, its entertaining depiction of people punching each other. In the face.

The game will be developed in conjunction with AKI Corporation, the Japanese group responsible for several entries in the Def Jam and WWF Wrestlemania franchises.

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