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Today's Princeliest game video: Prince of Persia Wii - Levers & Ledges [UPDATE 2]

Kevin Kelly

Ubisoft released some video a little over a month ago showing off the motion sensitive "waggle" technology for the upcoming Prince of Persia:Rival Swords on the Wii. Today two more videos have hit the web, and one of them shows off the joy and singular pleasure of ledges and levers. Check out that Wiimote waggling and nunchuck flicking action at work. With Disney getting behind this with a possible feature film franchise, look for the Prince to be around for some time to come.

You can also check out the other video that was released today: Climbing and Combat. It's a bit longer, but is also drool-worthy. We're ready to start running on walls and doing acrobatics around poles right now.

UPDATE to the UPDATE: GameVideos now has the correct videos uploaded, and that's what we're featuring here now. Enjoy.

And to still quote Tina Fey to you naysayers: "Ya burnt!"

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