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Nokia's CDMA 7088 rocks the FCC

Chris Ziegler

Last time we checked, Nokia was cooling on the whole idea of CDMA (WCDMA -- the backbone of UMTS -- excepted, of course) thanks to a rather nasty series of spats with the boys and girls at licensor Qualcomm; cooling so much, in fact, that they'd resorted to turning to Pantech to bail them out and get some Nokia-branded EV-DO devices in the pipeline. So what's this all about? We wish we had more for you, but the FCC's being stingy with details; the picture above is the only one we have, but from the width to height ratio, we'd venture that there might just be a QWERTY keypad lurking on the other side of it. True, it's not branded as an Eseries or Nseries device (slapping either of those labels on a CDMA handset would be nothing short of blasphemy, after all) but seeing how Nokia has all but forsaken the Verizons and Sprints of the world, it'd be a beautiful thing to see this one come out of the gate with a packed spec sheet.

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