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Sony Ericsson's patent application for cellphone as remote


Look mom, my cellphone can control the whole universe! Sony Ericsson filed a patent application for a cellphone-based remote control that downloads its command set from the device you want to control. Flexible remote control -- with no need to go hunting for codes -- that part is pretty cool. If you look carefully, the handset in the sketch in a S7xx -- not exactly a fresh-off-the-line device. Apparently this patent application was filed in August 2005, and either the gang in northern Europe has given up on this gem of an idea or has decided to let it go and move on to bigger and better things. We think they should focus on a phone that can project an image on the wall, and then be used for video conference calling with stereo sound -- or maybe just release a mobile with HSDPA, yeah, that would be even better.

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