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Kodak Easyshare V803 reviewed


The Kodak Easyshare V803 -- yep, the one we held at CES -- has picked up a couple of reviews, and the overall attitude towards the device is mixed. For starters, there's no question that the V803 is a nice looking camera, and one that offers great value for money at a cent under $200. It's also simple to use, with features including an option to save frequently used settings, and the buttons and joystick navigation system being laid out well. Beyond that though, there are a few niggles. Image quality is apparently rather uninspiring, especially as you breach the 800 and 1600 ISO modes, although this is often the case with budget cameras. The camera is also plagued by some very noticeable response times and pauses: the V803 doesn't benefit from a slow startup, a lot of shutter lag, long pauses when in continuous shooting mode, and a slow flash recharge cycle. Sports mode apparently has little effect on these issues, although switching to a shooting mode that fixes the focus at infinite helps to some degree. It's hard to tell whether these pauses are a deal breaker, although Pocket-Lint seems to think so. That said, the V803's design, value, and ease of use tend to be the key factors in the purchase of cameras within the V803's price range. If you can put up with the delay (and if you've ever used a point-and-shoot digital camera before then you're probably doing so currently), then the V803 isn't that bad of a choice.

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