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Olympus's EVOLT E-510 and E410 live LCD DSLRs

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's been a while since Olympus did anything with that E-500 (although not so much with the newish E-400), but the new EVOLT E-510 (above) is sure to considered be an improvement, what with its live view LCD. On the sensor side you'll be working with 10 megapixels at up to 1600 ISO on that Fourth Thirds lens mount, CF and xD card support, as well as making use of its newest-generation TruePic III image processor. The difference between the E-510 and E-410, however, isn't just in the $100 price gap: the E-510 also has OIS and a higher capacity battery (and the larger grip, so you know it from the 410 in the gallery). The body only E-510 will run you $799 in June 2007, while the E-410 will land for $699 in May.

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