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Shadowrun cross-play requires Games for Windows Live Gold account

Ross Miller

When we spoke with PR Manager Michael Wolf about Games for Windows Live, he was sparse in details regarding a Games for Windows Live Gold account. "All I can say now is that we're working to make a Gold membership worthwhile even if you're only connecting to Live from Windows Vista," he said.

It seems Microsoft has revealed one of those incentives in the form of cross-platform multiplayer. Text shown at the end of the latest Shadowrun trailer notes that "cross platform play requires Xbox LIVE Gold ... or Games for Windows -- LIVE Gold account (on Windows)."

We're betting that PC vs. PC multiplayer will still be free, as it has been historically. However, we're hoping that Microsoft has some more ingenious plans for GFW Live Gold. Paying a monthly premium just to settle the keyboard vs. gamepad debate does not sit well. How about a GDC announcement to soothe our nerves?

Trailer embedded after the break.

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