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Today's most Hero(es)ic game video: Heavenly Sword on NBC's 'Heroes'

Kevin Kelly

Tonight's episode of Heroes on NBC opens with Micah and Niki/Jessica playing Heavenly Sword on the PlayStation 3. Apparently one of Micah's other tech-based powers is the ability to play unreleased video games. That would actually be a pretty sweet ability to have. Of course, talk about getting no work done as a result. Like us rushing to get this post to you before the show even airs. We read your minds, a la Matt Parkman, and knew you'd want to see this early.

Is there also some sort of a hint or clue buried in the game title? Hiro is desperately trying to get his hands on that special samurai sword that he thinks will let him access his powers once again. Of course in the game Heavenly Sword, the title weapon is the game. According to an IGN interview with the developer Ninja Theory, "The story revolves around an ancient sword, the Heavenly Sword, which belonged to a deity and can never be wielded by a mortal without destroying them ... but as the sword is not meant for her, it sucks away her life force. So you begin the game with only a few hours left to live and have to fulfill this one last mission before the sword finally takes your life. But until that day arrives, Nariko's fighting skills rock."

Also, Gollum/King Kong/Nikola Tesla's assistant Andy Serkis will be playing villainous King Botan in this game. Is there any sort of connection here? We'd love to see Serkis on heroes. His power would be to make you feel slightly uncormfortable. Very interesting, NBC. Verrrrrrrrry interesting.

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