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ZuneTVWatcher beta to bridge Media Center gap

Jeannie Choe

Microsoft certainly has its basket full with peace disturbance complaints and even a potential doubleshot casing dispute with Apple -- perhaps distracting it from properly integrating Zune TV show uploads with Media Center. Zune software doesn't read Media Center's proprietary DVR-MS files, perform .wmv conversions for Zune playback, nor does it list hand-encoded episodes as TV shows in the library. This means your patience is in for a workout when it comes to getting TV shows and movies onto your Zune from a Windows Media Center PC. Newly released ZuneTVWatcher beta acts as a liaison by monitoring your recorded TV show folder and automatically converting files to a .wmv format, meaning way less manual labor on the user's part. While third party conversion apps tend to incorrectly label shows as "Videos" on the Zune, ZTVW sets the metadata to group them as "TV Shows," and also syncs to delete shows from the Zune when removed from Media Center. For those left hangin' from Media Center's inadequacies, this option might be worth a try for smoother-sailing integration.

[Via Chris Lanier]

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