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Blue Dragon in US this August, Lost Odyssey worldwide by X-mas


1UP recently scored some face time with Mistwalker head Hironobu Sakaguchi, squeezing some vague release dates outta the man who's brave enough paid enough to develop rpgs for Xbox 360. Word is, Lost Odyssey will launch simultaneously in Japan and the US 'round Christmas time (mid- to late-December) worldwide 'round the holidays, a favorable deviation from the release strategy currently being employed for Odyssey's cutesy predecessor Blue Dragon. While Blue Dragon was released in Japan last December, US audiences are still waiting -- and according to Sakaguchi's estimates, they'll be waiting till August. But Lost Odyssey is apparently being developed with an eye toward Western aesthetics; even the lip-syncing will match English voice actors (the Japanese version will be dubbed).

As for Europe, well, we didn't forget about y'all, but Sakaguchi must have. No word on when Mistwalker's rpgs will go PAL. Update: Blue Dragon's European release is scheduled for September. The original Japanese voice tracks will be available in the US release (unconfirmed for PAL version). Sakaguchi has also revealed plans for an unspecified pre-order bonus (more Zippos?).

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