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Druids get a hotfixy gift

Mike Schramm

From a hotfix that is now live on the servers:

  • The Druid ability Lacerate will now land a small amount of instant damage, causing it to generate threat against bleed-immune creatures.
  • The Druid ability Mangle (Bear) will now generate 50% bonus threat
So good news for druids who tank. Blizzard isn't completely giving them back all of their DPS-- Lacerate's debuff doesn't affect "skeletal" creatures (as it shouldn't, since they can't bleed), and Mangle doesn't give any more damage, but Blizzard says they realize Mangle works best as a "snap aggro" tool, and with the bonus threat, it should do that. I'm sure droods will still have their problems, but these are two nice buffs for tanking druids, no question.

More are on the way, too-- Blizzard says they plan to up the armor on many high end Bear Druid items, "particularly raid sets," as many druids felt that those pieces didn't scale as well as warriors' did. Those changes, says Blue, won't be coming until 2.1.0, but they are coming.

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