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HDHomeRun HDTV Mac Streaming Tool

Mat Lu

I first heard about the HDHomeRun on DL.TV a while back, and while it looked very interesting I was left disappointed that it lacked full Mac support. The HDHomeRun is a cool little device that contains two over-the-air HDTV tuners to receive HDTV and then stream that HD content over your home ethernet network. The streams it produces can be viewed with VLC so it it was possible, if somewhat difficult, to make it function with a Mac. Now, however, aa1979 has posted a Mac GUI to the Silicon Dust forums which makes it much easier to set up a stream. It's still far from as full featured as the Windows Media Center interfaces, and you still need to use VLC to watch the stream, but the level of hackery necessary to use the HDHomeRun with the Mac has gone down considerably. I wish EyeTV supported the HDHomeRun, though there's some hope that once SageTV gets going on the Mac (later this year) it may support this device to make a true Mac-based HDTV DVR.

Thanks, Andy!

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