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Nokia releases BH-200 and BH-700 Bluetooth headsets in Japan

Brian White

Ready for a new slew of Nokia's eerily designed Bluetooth headsets? Nokia is said to have that new style that "it dresses stylishly" from our sister site over at Engadget Japanese, and we're all in agreement here. The newer Nokia models BH-200 and BH-700 are now available for sale in Japan. While the BH-200 is an "outside the ear" headset, the BH-700 models are of the "inner ear" persuasion without any kind of common earhook. The BH-200 comes in at a rather stout 14 grams and can pair with eight simultaneous devices while the BH-700 comes in at 10 grams. Both are pretty close in talk and standby times in hours at 5:30 / 150 and 6:00 / 160, respectively.

[Via Engadget Japanese]

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