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Olympus teases with more P-1 information


With all the new love for Olympus' new E-510 and E-410 DSLRs, many of us were left wondering about the supposed successor to the E-1 professional model we peeped in prototype back in September. Well, in hopes of alleviating our angst, Olympus dropped a few hints and pictures of their new professional Four Thirds system coming "later this year." Expected to carry a P-1 moniker, the new shooter brings a rotating/flip-out screen, chunky grip, and lower height accompanied by four new lenses, three of which will feature the new ultra-high speed Supersonic Wave Drive focusing system. Unfortunately, we still don't have pricing or any real specifications to bring you. And with Olympus unable to even settle on a final product name, well, maybe we shouldn't get our hopes up for anything too soon.

[Via PhotographyBLOG]

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