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Shadowrun lacking campaign and split screen [update 1]

Dustin Burg

Over on the official Shadowrun online forums a question was posed to whether or not you could play local multiplayer split screen online or offline after hearing a rumor that there wouldn't be the option. In came Kimona, lead program manager of FASA Studios, to confirm that there indeed would be no local (LAN style) multiplayer or split screen for that matter. According to Kimona, the reasoning behind the choice was to "focus on making what we have even more polished and clean". And with information we learned earlier we now know that Shadowrun will not have any campaign mode or local multiplayer split screen as it is strictly an online multiplayer game. So Shadowrun enthusiasts, we think that not including split screen kinda sucks, but what's your opinion on the way things are shaping up?

Update 1: We've made a mistake guys and read the forum's question wrong. What Kimona was talking about was having no online or offline split screen and says nothing about system link or local multiplayer. So, there will be system link goodness, but simply no split screen ... sorry for the confusion.

[Via IGN]

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