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The Minigigi AV-11 "boom box" goes thud


Won't somebody please think of the children and put an end to these new minigigi players spilling out of Korea? It's bad enough that they have to rip (unsuccessfully) the design from Philip's PSS110 for their new AV-11 "boom box," but now they've gone and added some dubious "MP4" video playback capability into the mix. While they claim support for WAV, ASF, and AVI video at 24fps on the 2-inch, 26k color LCD, that's likely only after conversion into some oddball format first. The player packs an FM tuner, support for MP3 and WMA audio, and USB and line-in jacks presumably for recording content direct to SD cards. The unit can be powered off the mains or run for up to 10 hours off Li-Ion battery. Hopefully, it includes an alarm clock function too, cause you're not going to fill a room with sound off those 4W speakers. No word on pricing or availability... as if you care.

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