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Wurlybird indoor 'amusement park ride': better stock up on the sawdust

Evan Blass

Let's face it: even though most amusement parks promise the grownups drunken fun while the kiddies puke their guts out on the rides, in reality you end up spending the entire vacation following your brats around the park and making sure they don't attack anymore of those litigious costumed characters. Well what if you could offer little Timmy and Janie an "amusement park"-style ride...right in their own home?!? Enter the Wurlybird Flyer from Wurlybird Ltd, a "kid-powered," merry-go-round-like contraption that securely holds two of your vicious monsters beloved little tykes and allows them to spin themselves into delirious fun, a religious awakening, or uncontrollable vomiting, whichever comes first. Launching this spring, the Wurlybird comes in either a self-assembled Junior version for kids 3 to 8, or as a fully-assembled Flyer version that bumps the maximum age up to 10. No word on pricing so far, but considering that the demo reel just screams cheesy British infomercial, we doubt that either of these models is going to break the bank.

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