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Xbox Live hits 6 million users, 4 months earlier than planned

Ross Miller

According to Microsoft's John Porcaro, the population of Xbox Live has hit the six million mark. However, being a member of Xbox Live could mean anything from paying for a Gold account to plugging an ethernet cord into your console and giving yourself a Silver account to download demos. At E3 last year, Microsoft was looking to hit the six million mark in June 2007, thus their exuberant remark that they beat their target by four months.

Also included on the announcement is a momentum list, for those who love statistical trivia. (Did you know that there are 2 million messages sent over Xbox Live every day?) What we don't see in the momentum list, however, is the number of Gold members and the retention rate of a Gold account. We do know, however, that the average XBL Gold member has 22 friends. Sure, six million is an accomplishment, but we want to know how many premium accounts they're selling. That will be the real test.

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