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Kodak EasyShare Z885 and Z712 IS

Jeannie Choe

These two new additions to Kodak's EasyShare line are targeted to consumers who seek a user-friendly interface, wallet-friendly prices, and of course, a good photo. The 8.1-megapixel Z885 packs in 5x optical zoom, up to 8000 ISO, 2.5-inch indoor / outdoor display, and 10 automatic smart scene modes for a modest price of $199.95. If you're lookin' to go wannabe-DSLR and have an extra $100 to spare, the 7.1-megapixel Z712 IS will deliver a 2.5-inch display, 10x optical zoom, image stabilization, and 0.26-second click-to-capture speed. These newbies have yet to prove their worth, but we can at least appreciate that they won't stab you in your pockets and they're pretty straightforward -- no fancy-pants extras to get in the way. The Z712 IS will be available in April with the Z885 coming out sometime in May.

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