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Not satisfied with current HDTV models? Build your own!

Erik Hanson

So you're looking at that new LCD television on the showroom floor, but you think, "I could totally get into this if only it had three component inputs, and two high-def tuners." Well, AVING brings us news that Korean value added reseller A1display has the solution for you, with new "DIY" 1080p LCD models you can have custom built to your specifications. It seems that you come to the company's store, select your components, and then engineers gather all the parts and assemble it for you, with in-home service options available once the set has been delivered. From our machine-translated Korean page, we deduce that the company is using some stock LG glass and various internal parts to assemble the unit, implying that you can choose your tuner and input options, while keeping much of the bezel casing and other hardware the same. Still, keep in mind that your options are somewhat limited by the pre-configured parts, so your dream of a 4K set with 5 HDMI inputs and 2 built in subwoofers will have to remain just that.

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