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Sony's 'Home' sex haven in disguise (perhaps?)

Bonnie Ruberg

That Sony's new social channel "Home" looks suspiciously like Second Life is hardly news to anyone who's seen the footage from Harrison's keynote. What I couldn't help giggling about the whole time he showed off the world, though, was just how much sex is going to happen in Home. Realistic avatars? Private spaces? Customization? Think about Second Life. So. Much. Sex. If there was any doubt, just remember Harrison's sample character who was supposed to say "Hi" but said "Ho."

Of course, sexy gamers are bound to have questions. Can avatars take their clothes off? (Probably not.) Will the system support user-generated content that animates sex, like pose balls? (I wouldn't bet on it.) But if MMOs and social networking have taught us anything, it's that people will always find a way to get it on. Just pimp out your pad with downloaded gear, maybe get some porn streaming on your walls, and let the Home sex begin.

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