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The Boy Genius Report: N75 delay, red Pearl confirmed!

Chris Ziegler

So, first the good news: a recent market pricing document from AT&T shows that the N75 is still in the cards. Now, the bad: it's anybody's guess when it might finally get around to launching. Said document simply (and ominously) shows "Launch Delay" in the N75's row, indicating that S60 fans could be in for more of a wait to get their US 3G on -- as if they haven't waited long enough already. Let's end this little tid bit on a bright note, though, shall we? There's a red variant of the Pearl in the pipe, which may very well make for RIM's least business-oriented product yet (our apologies if your original black and gray piece is starting to look a little drab now). No word on a launch date there either, but we're guessing -- nay, hoping -- that there are fewer technical hurdles involved with the color changed than with the N75.

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