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Woojin's dual-LCD monitor gets release date (in Korea)


Last we saw Woojin's Tenbuno monitor, with its 8.4-inch LCD perched atop its 19-inch main display, we weren't sure when it'd ever see the light of day or how much it might cost. Well, we've now got an answer to half of that equation, with AVING reporting that the monitor will hit Korea sometime this May, although the company still seems to be holding on out any pricing details. The monitor itself appears to be otherwise unchanged, with a 1280 x 1024 resolution front and center, and 800 x 600 pixels filing up the secondary display. The primary display also boasts a 700:1 contrast ratio and 8 ms response time, while its little sibling takes things down to 350:1 and 10 ms. Not exactly a substitute for a true dual-monitor setup, but if the price is right, we could see it picking up a few fans among the desk space-challenged.

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