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Zenum's Organum MP3/MP4 Player floated into the ether


We first got wind of the Swiss outfit Zenum back in September when they announced their handsome but vaporous Opus Operis Pocket PC Phone Edition device. So we'll go ahead and tell you about their new Organum MP3/MP4 Player but you'll have to take the "end 2007" delivery date with a big dose of salt. The new DAP heavily tagged as "under development" throws down support for MP3, ASF, WMA, WAV, JPG, and BMP files and features a 1.8-inch, 128 x 160 pixel display, built-in microphone, and 2GB of storage. No doubt, she's one fine looker but Zenum will have to offer something better than just attractive industrial design in a market saturated with thin flash players. Perhaps that silver band is the new special sauce of navigators? Nah, probably not.

[Via Unwired View, thanks Staska]

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