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BluRing links your iPod to your handset

Brian White

This sounds like a half-completed statement, but bear with us here: "icube will begin marketing a Bluetooth peripheral called BluRing that links the Apple's iPod to a cell phone so calls can be received while listening to music without the need to take out the phone." Umm, okay. We're not sure how that could work, but let's assume that the BluRing product has some sort of microphone built-in. Yep, check. Ok, whew -- we feel better now. The icube BluRing will come with a remote control (with embedded mic) with a connection to the iPod's 3.5mm earphone connector found on all iPods to date. While we're not sure most customers will want to abandon the iPod's signature clickwheel for music navigation, the BluRing can also be used to "select songs and adjust volume on the iPod." Hmm -- seems like this product really (really) wants to marry an actual iPod and a Bluetooth accessory (with wires to boot). Seems kinda complicated to us, with all all tangly wired mess potential and everything.


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