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Cute gets serious with De Blob

Jared Rea

Serious games are all the rage at GDC this year and nothing could possibly be more serious than an adorable jelly-thing lighting up the town. Found at the Student Showcase area of the expo floor, De Blob began life as a project to show what the station region of Utrecht, Netherlands, could look like 10 years from now.

Taking their simulation and tossing in a few simple mechanics, De Blob plays like a cross between Katamari Damacy and Mario Paint. Although it's more of a sandbox title than anything, there are still a few objectives to be found while rolling about the virtual recreation of Utecht. The most prominent of which being the colorization of the city, done by swallowing up tiny, color coded people and slamming headlong into any and all objects. There are also hidden coins to be found that can be as hard to find as they are hard to reach.

You too can check out De Blob in both English and Dutch at their GameDev site.

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