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Forum Thread of the Day: Karazhan's timer too long?

Eliah Hecht

Meugly, of Wraith on H-Icecrown-US, asks the simple question "shouldn't Karazhan be on a shorter timer?" Currently, it resets every week (on Tuesday, like all the other weekly raids). ZG and AQ20, on the other hand, reset every three days. Meugly's argument basically seems to go like this:

  • Raiding guilds are having enough trouble transitioning from 40-mans to 25-mans, so
  • Having a 10-man raid as the pathway to 25-mans creates a huge bottleneck.
  • You can't really skip ahead to 25-man content, since you need the gear from KZ to have a chance at later raids.
  • If you've got a raid guild with fair amount of raiders, you've basically got two options:
    • Run one group a week, and leave a lot of people out. Obviously imperfect.
    • Run two groups a week. This is, as Meugly says, "a logistical horror. So many of the boss fights require a pretty specific group make up. If one of the two teams is short a single player in a key class, they probably won't be able to raid at all that night."
Reducing KZ's lockout time to three days would go a long way towards addressing this. You could, for instance, have a core group that runs twice a week, with others filling in the ranks as possible. Or you could run two separate teams but just have more flexibility -- if team B is short a Priest, and team A ran before the last reset, a team A priest could come along. Also, as the OP points out, KZ is kind of a step up to Gruul and Serpentshrine Cavern and such, like how ZG and AQ20 were arguably steps up to MC and the rest of the "classic" raids; and those 20-mans were, as I've already mentioned, 3-day resets.

What do you all think? Is KZ enough of a "serious" raid to warrant a full week reset timer?

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