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How to be a fanboy


Finally, a definitive guide to the lucrative field of fanboyism! All you non-believers who think fanboys are soulless amoeba are teh suxx0rz! Wired has broken down the science behind being a fanboy into four simple rules:

  • Your System Has No Flaws
  • It's Not Broken, It's Hard-Core
  • Praising Another System Is the Same as Insulting Yours
  • Everyone's Biased but You
After taking at least 5 seconds to skim the bold letters above (don't pause for comprehension), you're now ready to pick the gaming system you know is the best and start your crusade. Bonus points for using the phrase "[insert system here] PWNZ" more than ten times in one paragraph. Spelling skillz optional. Blind devotion a must.

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