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HP's Photosmart R837 makes you and your pets pretty


Prepare for an onslaught of digital camera news today as the big PMA show officially swings its doors wide. Out bright and early comes HP's new Photosmart R837. It packs a 7.2 megapixel CCD, 3x zoom, anti-shake, and 3-inch LCD with SD expansion and the ability to shoot VGA quality video at 24fps -- nothing less than ordinary in today's marketplace. However, this cam is here to take your desolate insecurities to a new level by offering a full range of HP touch-up technologies such as blemish removal, slimming effects, and get this: a new "pet-eye fix." Does it work? Oddly, yes. According to Laptop Magazine's review, the pet-eye fix made they eyes of their cats appear "lifelike, without the eerie glow." They go on to call the R837 a "solid choice" for first time digital shooters... and readers of Cosmo who compulsively frame photos of their cats, naturally. For just $229, even your lonely Aunt Betty can find friends on MySpace after the R837's April launch.

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