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PS3 launches in Singapore -- congratulations!

Nick Doerr

This is just a nod towards another place that finally gets its hands on the PlayStation 3. Singapore has been waiting for the console for a while now, almost as long as Europe. Singapore will put back about S$799 for the 60GB model of the system and that's apparently the cheapest price for the system outside of Hong Kong and Japan.

Tetsuhiko Yasuda of SCE-Asia said this after the launch at a hip club called The Clinic: "I was involved in the development of PlayStation, and we successfully launched PlayStation 1 with 100 million units sold worldwide, and for PlayStation 2 we sold 120 million units. With PlayStation 3 we are targeting approximately 150 to 200 million units sold worldwide." Lofty goals! Well, we're about 1/150th or 1/200th away from that goal. Let's step it up, Sony! Don't stop until you find your way to HOME!

Enjoy the PS3, Singapore!

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