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Verizon to get LG VX9400 on March 23?

Chris Ziegler

Liking VCAST TV but that Samsung u620 -- the only supported handset at the moment -- isn't doing anything for you with its submicronic display? We can't blame you, especially after we laid eyes on that rather comely VX9400 from crosstown rival LG at CES a couple months back. A tipster is reporting that the pivot display VX9400, which was originally thought to be scheduled to launch alongside the u620, will end up dropping on the 23rd of this month in VCAST TV markets. Not too painful of a delay, eh? Pricing should come in at $350 full retail, $250 on a one-year contract after rebate, or $200 if you like that mobile TV action enough to sign up for two full years. Launching the same day should be the Samsung u540 at $80 after rebates on a two-year agreement (we'll take the VX9400, please).

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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