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DJ Max Portable 2 spotted at GDC

Jared Rea

Imagine our surprise when we found this magically delicious Korean treat hiding in the PlayStation booth. We did the investigative footwork and no, DJ Max Portable 2 is not coming stateside. Sony only brought the import rhythm title to GDC to show both publishers and developers what kind of unique titles are possible on their hand held system. So unless a deep pocketed publisher saw Pentavision's sequel and liked what they saw, this predominately English title will remain exclusive to Korea.

We didn't have time to cry over missed opportunities as we were too busy checking out the new features. DJ Max 2 sports a new Fever ability that acts a whole lot like Guitar Hero's Star Power. By successfully hitting notes, you fill up your Fever ability which, when activated, speeds up the notes and applies a 2x score multiplier. By filling up yet another Fever, you can activate it again for a 3x multiplier, so on and so forth until -- well, we got it up to six and it was getting mighty hard to read.

DJ Max Portable 2 will be shipping out from import shops come the end of March.

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