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Fifth Media courts home and biz users with AXIA HSDPA Multimedia STB


We know AXIA for the fairly boring Windows Mobile smartphones to which the brand is affixed, so while we trust Fifth Media to stick a radio into a device, we really never saw this coming. The AXIA HSDPA Multimedia STB is a do-it-all box and makes no bones about it. Inside its shiny black exterior is HSDPA, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0, with an embedded Windows OS for running entertainment, VoIP, kiosk and ePayment apps. Says Yogi Babria, Fifth Media Chief Program Officer, "We converge into a single device all the functions and desired applications required for business and home users." We weren't really aware that the market was in dire need of such an oddly converged product, but if you want an HSDPA WiFi router that can simultaneously get you onto Internet Explorer and do the SIP hosting for your VoIP calls, now you know where to turn. No word yet on price or availability, but we'll be seeing more of this one at CeBit next week.

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