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SXSW: Joystiq is here!

Kevin Kelly

We've arrived here in Austin, Texas where we'll be bringing you news from the enormous South by Southwest conference. SXSW started as a music festival, grew to include film, and now has an very substantial interactive portion. This year they've beefed interactive up with tons of video game related panels, speakers, and exhibitors. Oh, and nothing huge ... just Will Wright giving the keynote. Zing!

We'll be bringing you coverage from the panels, photos from the show floor, visits to the ScreenBurn Arcade, stopping by to chat with PMS Clan / Frag Dolls, stories from Austin, and of course we'll be liveblogging Will Wright's keynote. With any luck, we'll also follow him to his car and demand a demo copy of Spore. So look for a report on that here, or a photo of us on TheSmokingGun.

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